Recent updates to Econsensus

Version 0.5.4 - released 16th June 2015

New Functionality

  • Fix an issue with errors being thrown when a user tries to stop watching a view they aren't watching. This can happen with slow connections when someone tries to do something twice.

Version 0.5.3 - released 12th June 2015

New Functionality

  • Change 'added to list by' to 'Created by' in issue views
  • Update Readme text
  • Action items are now enabled by default
  • If a decision moves back to being a proposal, decision specific fields become hidden again.
  • Update the footer text

Version 0.5.2 - released 3rd June 2015

New Functionality

  • Fix a styling issue on the discussion list page.

Version 0.5.1 - released 1st June 2015

New Functionality

  • Enable action items

  • Add settings to determine which notifications you do or don't receive

  • Display budget details when viewing proposals/decisions/archived items.

  • Fix a bug where the organization name was displayed if you tried to view an item for an organization you didn't belong to.

Version 0.4.8 - released 6th March 2014

New Functionality:

  • Add References: email header to help threading.

  • Stop organisation owners from leaving their organisation.

  • README updates.

Version 0.4.7 - released 9th October 2013

New Functionality:

  • Search page, allowing users to search across all items within the system.

  • Now ignores "Out of office" email auto-responses.

  • Email threading updated - should now provide threaded messages where supported.

  • Allowing multiple feedbacks to be open for editing at once.

  • New auto-logout (and optional "keep me logged in" functionality). We spotted that users were remaining logged in, possibly without realising, after closing the browser. We've now made this an explicit choice, with the default being that you will be logged out, and a "Keep me logged in" check-box on the login screen to change this.

  • added info pages such as Help, About and Updates to the site.

  • Added the ability to leave an organisation - no-one should be trapped for life!

  • Changed the email functionality so that emails are now sent to everyone including the original author. In the past we didn't send to the original author, and this caused some confusion for some users. More email changes, to help reduce unwanted email, are on the way.

  • Organisation admin controls now have their own page, to tidy up the Your Organisations page, and to future-proof us for when more admin controls are added in the future.

  • We've made some styling changes to make the Edit controls a bit easier to find, and to make pages display better on smaller screens.

  • Changed the text of the "comment" link, to reply inline to feedbacks, to "reply", to avoid confusion with the existing "comment" feedback type.

  • Fixed a bug that would show a validation error when submitting a new comment occasionally.

  • Fixed a bug that would allow users to mysteriously hide open replies by clicking near them!

  • Fixed a bug that stopped comments being created without Javascript enabled.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented replies from being created occasionally.

  • And... (spoiler!) - we have also hidden a bunch of stuff relating to forthcoming Action Items in this update, which isn't visible yet, because we haven't gotten the interface into a state that we are happy to release to the public. Hope to see you soon!


Older versions and updates

We just got around to formally documenting new functionality in October 2013. Previous updates are not documented.